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    Belong to Rotary Drilling Rig

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    ? It adopts imported turbocharged Cummins engine, which features strong power and meets the requirements for plateau work environment. And it adopts engine power limit control.
    ? It adopts self-produced chassis with telescopic tracks, H-shape frame, and enlarged slewing bearing, which completely guarantees the stability of the machine.
    ? The steel wire rope of the main hoist adopts single layer structure, which prolongs its service life. 
    ? The whole machine can be transported without dismantling the drilling rig.
    ? It adopts GPS system and achieves remote data analysis on machine condition, real time remote monitoring and trouble-shooting.
    ? The color display makes operation simple and flexible, which features automatic boring depth and verticality monitoring and automatic trouble alarming system.
    ? The load sensing hydraulic system features higher efficiency and more energy-saving. It adopts heavy duty hydraulic components, which can meet various work conditions.

    Technical Parameters:

    Model XR150
    Engine Model
    CUMMINS 6CTAA8.3-C185
    Rated power KW 138
    Rotary head Max. output torque kN·m 150
    Rotary speed r/min 6~25
    Max. drilling diameter mm Ф1500
    Max. drilling depth m Standard configuration: 53m (5 section friction drill bar)
    Optional: 42m (4 section interlocking drill bar)
    Pull-down cylinder Max. pull-down piston push KN 114
    Max. pull-down piston pull KN 148
    Max. pull-down piston stroke m 3.5
    Main winch Max. pulling force KN 155
    Max. pulling speed m/min 65
    Auxiliary Winch Max. pulling force KN 60
    Max. pulling speed m/min 70
    Mast rake sideward/forward/backward
    Undercarriage Max. travel speed KM/h 2
    Max. gradeability % 40
    Min. ground clearance mm 352
    Track shoe width mm 800
    Distance between tracks mm 3050~4100
    Hydraulic system Working pressure Mpa 30
    Overall operating weight t 43.5
    Dimension Working condition mm 7700×4100×18150
    Transportation condition mm (incl. drill stem)13700×3050×3520