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    Belong to Rotary Drilling Rig

    Order Consulting For specific product information, please contact us +86-25-51199676

    ? It adopts imported Kawasaki hydraulic parts, featuring reasonably matched power system and high work efficiency.

    ? The special telescopic chassis for rotary drilling rig use ensures stability.

    ? The dual-housing luffing mechanism is convenient for transportation and it also improves reliability.

    ? It adopts Cummins engine; and the unique design of speed regulation saves fuel.

    ? It takes centralized lubrication system as standard configuration, which features more convenient service and maintenance.

    Technical Parameters:

    No. Items Unit Parameters
    1 Engine Model
    Cummins B5.9-C
    Rated power/Rotary speed kW 133 /2000r/min
    Max. torque of engine N.m 553 /1500r/min
    2 Rotary head Max. torque of rotary head kN.m 150
    Rotary head的Rotary speed rpm 6~28
    3 Max. drilling diameter mm 1300
    4 Max. drilling depth m Standard configuration: 48m (5 section friction drill bar)
    Optional: 38m (4 section friction drill bar)
    Optional: 38m (4 section interlocking drill bar)
    5 Pull-down cylinder Max. pull-down piston push kN 120
    Max. pull-down piston pull kN 160
    Max. pull-down piston stroke mm 3500
    6 Main winch Pulling force kN 145
    Max. single line pull m/min 75
    Diameter of steel wire rope mm 26
    7 Auxiliary Winch Pulling force kN 50
    Max. single line pull m/min 70
    Diameter of steel wire rope mm 16
    8 Mast rake Left/right ° 3/3
    Forward ° 5
    9 Undercarriage Max. travel speed km/h 3.2
    Max. gradeability % 40
    10 Track Track shoe width mm 800
    Distance between tracks mm 3200~4200
    Center distance between two track wheels in longitudinal direction mm 3843
    Average ground pressure KPa 70.5
    11 Hydraulic system Max. working pressure of main pump Mpa 32
    12 Overall machine weight (excl. drill stem) t 45.5
    13 Dimension at working condition(L*W*H) mm 7122X4200X17250
    14 Dimension at transportation condition(L*W*H) mm 12300X3200X3060